Forever a Fuson

2 weeks and 5 days. That’s how long we’ve been home. Seemingly past the “big adventure” but feeling much more certain it has only begun. At this very moment, the once-empty crib is bursting full with a songbird who’s supposed to be napping. The cabinet doors barely close, containing sippy cups, bibs, and chopsticks. While I still don’t have it in me to actually open the computer and write it all down, I don’t want to forget. I just can’t forego the details of where our life all-together began, the beautiful country of China, a sacred place to us. This will always be the place we met our baby. The place our family grew in size and in understanding of God’s lavish plans. A place we will honor and never forget.

I’m so glad now I took alllll of those photos of our 2.5 weeks in country. Though I felt certain I’d never forget, the moments are already blurred into a sweet, but hazy memory. I was thrilled then a few nights ago, when Chad’s cousin Cat sent me the below link. With a 20-year-old understanding of technology, she whipped together this video from our family’s shared iCloud, “Fusons do China.”

It may be a little long for anyone not completely invested to truly appreciate, but I just adore every second. Those gut-wrenching memories of the days in-country when we waited to meet her, those first screams of a scared baby girl, and finally those first giggles. I never want to forget.

So if you have 15 minutes to spare. This is our trip in pictures. This is God, breathing on His people. Reaching down from heaven and introducing two of His daughters, fulfilling promises made to both. I love this story, and I hope you do too. 


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Mallory says:

    Absolutely precious!!


  2. Susan Burch says:

    Wow, that’s a great video testimony of yall’s journey with God to get miss Willa,,,tis truly the age of princesses. She’s such a love and is blossoming in your care. Will still hold you up in prayer, have grown to love you all thru this.


  3. Tina McKune says:

    Your story is absolutely beautiful!! Willa is such a special blessing. I cried through the whole video. So sweet to watch. Thanks for sharing.


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