Project Woo’s Room 

I am so excited to share the details this morning of my favorite project to date. If my mom were writing this blog, she would tell you all about how it’s no surprise Willa’s nursery was done to the nines. You see, decorating has always been a way for me to feel “in control” of big transitions in my life. For example, the summer preceding my move to Birmingham, AL to attend Samford University was not only filled with the typical Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond trips. Y’all, I had an entire “model dorm room.” I couldn’t stop at “visualizing the space” like a normal person. Nay! I had to set it ALL up, bedding pressed and all in my parents’ guest bedroom. 

I’m not saying this behavior is normal, but I think it helped me feel more comfortable with the big move 3 hours away to college in the Fall. Flash forward to early April of this year, and you probably understand why the nursery sketching started. A culmination of years of wanting to have a child and the pressure of this “pregnancy” (you get the point) moving extra quick. I didn’t want to waste any time. 

Within a week of learning about sweet Woo, I drew this sketch, to scale like a psycho, and the planning began. You’ll see I followed my vision with pretty-impressive precision. 

During this nursery-prep process, several people have asked me “what’s your theme.” I love this question though I have a somewhat ambiguous answer. The theme of this room is undeniably Willa James Fuson. It tells the story of her little life, her heritage, and her journey home. Sure there’s a few pandas and maps, but no Pottery Barn or even Land of Nod theme could ever top the story of her amazing life. While preparing her room, I’ve been moved to tears several times at the adoption/gospel  parallels. I can’t help but think about the love the Father has for us, as I long for my little girl. The room He’s preparing, the excitement He has over my story. 

My friend Anne gave me The Jesus Story Book Bible, by Sally Lloyd-Jones. I absolutely love this excerpt from the intro… 

“No the Bible isn’t a book of rules, or a book of heroes. The Bible is most of all a Story. It’s an adventure story about a young Hero who comes from a far country to win back his lost treasure. It’s a love story about a brave Prince who leaves his palace, his throne – everything – to rescue the one he loves. It’s like the most wonderful of fairy tales that has ever come true in real life.” 

Good grief. Even typing that makes my eyes well up with tears. If you really want to see the water works, you should hear the author reading it herself in her gorgeous British accent each year at the beginning of the Andrew Peterson Christmas concert. Chills every time. 

So yea, this project didn’t really need an overt “theme” if you asked me. The theme here is adventure, it’s China, it’s travel, it’s Willa James, and mostly, it’s Jesus. I hope you love it as much as I do. Enjoy. 

I’m going to do my best here to provide info on most of what you see in these photos, but I just can’t with all the links. Grace please. Blogging from my iPhone again. Just let me know if you can’t find anything. Also, if you look at the insta about this post, you’ll see most of these things tagged. 

Sign: House of Belonging 

Crib and Dresser: Both are Smart Stuff for Kids and purchased at USA Baby in Franklin, TN. They were great. The line is #Myroom. For reals that’s what it’s called. 

Paper fans: these were inspired by a fantastic blog I found called Under the Sycamore. I found the girl who does this blog because she has a beautiful Chinsse daughter with a similar cleft to Willa’s. Once I started following her, I saw these fans and had to emulate. My friends made them because I don’t craft. Thanks friends! Paper from

This chandelier from West Elm was one of my first purchases. I love the modern feel and the soft light it offers with a simple dimmer added. 

The ladder for blankets was handmade by our cousin Leslie. It’s so fun to have such special family-made items in the room. She left it unfinished for me, so I simply painted it Benjamin Moore “China White” to match the walls. Fitting paint color, aye?! 

The baskets here are from Target, and the various precious gifts inside are from family and friends. I’d love to do a blog post on each and every one. Maybe when she comes home 🙂 

The Aztec blanket on the ladder is from Urban Outfitters and proves my theory correct that not every thing in a nursery has to be for a nursery. I liked incorporating some “non baby” things to give it a bit more-mature overall look. 

The gorgeous “Willa” artwork was a gift from our friend Lisa Durr. She is an incredible artist here in Franklin and found these vintage Chinese post cards, dating back from the early 1900s. So cool. What a treasure. 

The chair is Best brand and also from USA baby here in Franklin. I love this chair because it glides and reclines. I also got to pick from a great choice of fabrics for no additional charge. 

Pillow: Target 

Bookshelves: Pottery Barn kids 

Lamp: CB2 

Cork board map and picture blocks: Target. Can we just all given an amen for Target? 

Shoes, tea set, and waving kitty all from China. Our friends and family were all so creative with these gifts.

The Wonderful World of Willa custom coloring book? Well this is by my insanely talented sister in law who also did my shower invite. More on this later, but here’s her site below.

The China print is by the talented Bethany Siek at Hey Betty Art. I found her on Instagram and had her do these prints for the nursery and both of our parents’ homes.

Globe: World Market 

Leaf paper weight: Urban Outfitters 

Gorgeous custom art from friends

Changing table lamp: Target 

Mirrored World Map: World Market 

Baby Monitor: Target (Motorola Connect 854) 

Pjs: various locations but several are Kickee Pants, which I didn’t know about until a few weeks ago, but I think I’ll be obsessed.

Yes, I still need a changing pad cover. I can’t find a white one. Help. 

Girlfriend’s closest is so fun. There’s just  too many cute things to name. Pretty much all of these things were gifts, so let me know if you’d like more info on one, and I’ll ask around. 

These blocks were a really neat gift from a wonderful family friend, Trisha, who has just loved us so well. Uncle Goose is the brand, and they can be found on Amazon. 

The unicorn wall mount was a fun gift and is from Happy Hannah’s/ Hannah Anderson. The dress is from China and the umbrella was from my attic. I used them a few years ago to throw a baby shower for a friend. 

Sparkles the panda is yet another wonderful Target addition. The mirror is from Hayneedle and is also not nursery-specific. Hayneedle is awesome. The ottoman is from Wayfair along with the rug. 

Bedding: a mix of Target (feather crib sheet and tassel pillow) and Land of Nod (ombré pillow)

The curtains were made with blackout fabric by my awesome mother-in-law and the shiplap valence was also handmade by my super-creative father-in-law. Y’all, it takes a village. And yes, everyone in Chad’s family is creative and talented. Chad’s talents are financial planning and being hot. He might have missed the decor gene, but man he looks good hanging curtains. 

OK. I haven’t packed, and I leave in less than 48 hours. No more blogging for me. Next post with a baby in my lap. Ah! 


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Gretchen Johnson says:

    The room is ADORABLE!!!! I’m so excited for you all !! I can’t wait to see baby in lap!!!! Please know that I am praying!!
    I even saw one thing in the room, that is exactly the same as something I got for Willa!!! Oh well, duplicates can still be good!!
    Love you Katelyn,
    Mrs. Gretchen


  2. Vicki Scott says:

    Katelyn, I finally stopped tonight to read all your blog post. I have tried for weeks to do so but when I started reading tonight I could not stop. I cried while reading each post. What a beautiful story God has written for you! My heart is full with excitement for you. I will be praying for you as you leave tomorrow to meet your daughter. I will be anxious for your next blog. Praying, Mrs. Vicki Scott


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